Tuesday, August 03, 2010

cherry kick

Saturday morning we went to the farmers market where I was very much so taken by all the pretty cherries.

My favorite stand featured fresh cherry juice, jam, concentrate, pie mix and dried (but juicy) tart cherries.

I purchased the dried cherries and have been loving them. I eat them every morning in my oatmeal. I made some caramels and have been mixing them in those for an extra special treat. And I snack on them like crazy. They are my new candy.

Also I purchased 3 lbs. of fresh cherries which is actually hard to eat quickly so I turned them into a pie. Yum.

I was very proud of myself for doing this. I'm trying to get back into making good dinners most nights. I was kind of hoping Dashing Boy would be very impressed by it and be thinking to himself, "wow what an amazing wife." :)

Here is how I accomplished such a task with my very snugly baby who wanted to stay close:

Baby got flour on his head a couple of times in the baking process and we sang the song from Waitress a bunch of times. It has become one of our favorites.


Cristie said...

Your pie looks beautiful! And I heard it was very tasty :) I love cherry season too, we're lucky to have so many options for fresh varities so close to home.

candace said...

This pie was SOOOOOO delicious, Jenny! When we have our Cherry Tree (and balcony) I'll have to get the recipe from you :)