Monday, August 02, 2010

Mixed Up and Happy.

When I melted all my pump parts and we had to escape the house, in haste I decided to throw on a pair of jeans as the night was just slightly chilly.

I boldly grabbed my largest pre-pregnancy pair. The first time I was to put on anything non-stretchy-like post-baby.

They most definitely did not fit.

Only to add insult to injury of the whole night mess.

And so a few days later I decided it was time to get back into things.

In high school I ran cross country. At the beginning of the season the coaches would always say the first two weeks would be really hard and you would have to push through it. But then it would get better.

So at 6 weeks postpartum I went out for a run. 6 weeks is like the magical postpartum milestone! yay! With this in mind, somehow I naively thought I was going to have a refreshing run.

Holy Guacamole. Definitely not the same body pre-baby and certainly not even close to high school cross country body.

5 minutes in and my insides felt all funky and mixed up. Which they were. Are.

It's not that I need to fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes. No that doesn't matter so much. In fact Dashing Boy's cute Grandpa who I love keeps giving me genuinely sincere post pregnancy compliments such as:

"Jenny, your face is chubbier. It sure looks good!" and
"Jenny Darlin' you look so good with a little weight on!"

I love him.

No. It's mostly that I'm hoping to un-mix a little bit my mixed up body. Is that possible? Other women who have had babies, did your body feel mixed up too? It makes sense of course with everything getting all pushed around for baby. It's pretty cool even that the body can do that and positively, beautifully worth it.

So there you have it. I am mixed up. And happy.

also: I have rediscovered swimming because with swimming you can feel free as a fish pre, with, and post baby. It's awesome.

Although I'm still not brave enough to do the little flips at the end of each lap. I'm terrified I'm going to hit my head. I've attempted it a few times but then I get scared and fittingly... all mixed up.


Michelle said...


Every time I try to go running, it feels so different than it did before the baby, and some different part of me starts hurting. I like how you put it as feeling 'mixed up'. That's exactly what it feels like! It has been really frustrating. I've been doing a lot of walking lately, and I'm hoping to gradually work up to running. I've really enjoyed going on long walks with Mason, even though it kills me not to be running.

Kat said...

Every time I try to do a flip at the end of the pool, I end up with water in my nose and goggles, and turned 270 degrees off where I meant to be (not 90, I do a full 180 first). Every. Darn. Time. I can do flips in the pool, but add a wall in the mix and I damn near drown. You're not alone. :)

Brittany said...

I promise it will come back Jenny. One day you'll go out for a run and you'll feel refreshed and amazing, it will just a some time. Some people even get their pre baby body back... not me but I agree wth you, It's ok because these little guys make that body worth it.

Shauntel said...

Since having Annabelle, I've tried to take up my most favorite hobby (running) several times. Every time, I seem to hurt all over. Yes, I feel completely like my insides got tossed in the dryer just until they were nice and mixed up (and fluffy!).

I've taken up spinning with a vengeance (and have big plans for swimming). Less jostling and hurting for my mixed up parts.

And I've definitely given up on the pre-baby body. Which is okay - because a post-baby body means just that: I have a baby. And that makes it all worth it. :)

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