Saturday, April 23, 2011

10 months!

Koala baby is starting to become a little boy, and I am so happy to see how he is growing. He has such a genuinely bright and happy personality.

I got a bunch of plastic eggs for him to play with and he loves it! Look how excited he is in this picture:

He loves to dance to music, bouncing up and down and shaking his leg elvis style. It's adorable. He also loves dogs, peek-a-boo, slides, nesting toys and being tickled.

I've started to comb his "hair" in the mornings with a nice little part. My grandma told me I was dreaming when I was combing it one morning in front of her! I am sure it is something only a mother could see in her child but I think it's handsome and darling. Plus I love that my baby is still a baby with his bald head.

Koala got to spend quality time with both of his great grandmas on my side this month. His Grammy, who just passed away, and his Great Grandma in Vermont. He brought big smiles to both of their faces and we loved every minute we got to spend with them this month. Definitely the highlight of the last little while. It is very special and beautiful to see the love and connection that the oldest generation has for the youngest.

Koala and I took our first airplane trip together this month to Vermont and he was awesome, quite the charmer. On the way back between taxiing and everything, we were on that sweaty plane for 6 1/2 hours, sitting next to businessmen that didn't even acknowledge us the entire time and Koala was a little champ. He tried all of his best tricks to get the man sitting next to us to say hello to him- big toothy smiles, baby laughter, hide and seek, it didn't happen. Then toward the end of our flight Koala succeeded in making friends with a kind woman sitting behind us. He was so proud and excited.

(*also, why airlines don't make it a little easier for everyone when children are on planes is another topic all together- that flight would have been 100x easier if we had been sitting next to another family or somebody who was ok sitting next to a baby, but I digress)

Koala is a pretty social little guy and loves to see other children. He has one little friend near his age that we get together with. It is really fun to see him make friends with people.

Koala is in to everything now. He loves stairs and the other day we were in the kitchen and turned around and he was laying on top of the open dishwasher drawer!

He is full on crawling with his arms and legs now! I thought he might always army crawl but then one day he whipped out some sophisticated crawling moves. He has become very mobile!

His biggest and most exciting trick by far though is waving. Koala has just taken off in the waving department. He waves all day long, like if for example we are playing and Koala decides he wants to go to another room he turns around and waves at me, then crawls away. He waves at people and especially children when we enter the grocery store or go to a park or anywhere in public. He waves at the checkers when we leave the grocery store. He waves when we say phrases like "well, we better get going," or "It was good to see you." Seriously this kid picks up on goodbye cues and any wave appropriate opportunity!

As a side note, a week or so before Koala took off waving, I being a silly mom, had just done this google search: "My 9 1/2 month old doesn't wave" or something like that. Well good grief. There is definitely a fine balance between picking up on important cues in our children and also realizing children have their own time lines.

Koala also loves to point and tell us all about whatever he is pointing at. It's awesome.

His words so far: mama! dada! and da (dog).
We love you little buddy!

9 months!

Well my oh my. Becoming a mommy has certainly made me less on top of blogging.

At 9 months Koala has two teeth! He loves to "play" with Legos, loves to be pushed on his little car or in laundry baskets, loves food- real people food, not mushed! Loves touch and feel storybooks, and he loves his mama.

Koala went through some serious separation anxiety there for a little while and would cry even when I would set him down for 2 minutes so I could use the bathroom, with the door open and him sitting right there with me in sight. Ahhhh, it was crazy but a really cute and special time. I feel really blessed to be needed by this little boy. It's the most amazing experience of my life.

Of course lil' Koala loves his daddy crazy too. Daddy built a computer this month and Koala was so excited about it, playing with the keyboard and whatever parts he could get at!

At 9 months, pulling himself up was by far his favorite activity to do. He'd army crawl over to us and reach for our hands, and we would hold them steady so he could pull himself up. He wanted to do this probably 50 times a day!

I think it's adorable how he pulls himself up to his table and goes on his tippy toes when he wants to reach something!

Happy 9 Months little Koala!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This post is getting up a bit late. The pictures were taken before Valentines Day! I am having so much fun with little Koala that other things are taking a backseat.

8 months old and Koala is so bright and handsome. He really is a good, good baby.

My favorite time of the entire day with Koala is the mornings. We wake up snuggle, tickle, read. Then later when I am getting ready Koala usually likes to play with legos or mess around on the guitar. I love it. Here he is serenading:

Koala still gives wonderful baby kisses. Oftentimes when we're just hanging out together he reaches for my face an plants a big one. It's the best.

This month little Koala has perfected the upper-body army crawl. It actually looks like quite a workout! He also loves standing up and hanging on to things.

and also...

He got his first tooth! It's pretty darn cute. We got him a toothbrush and he loves brushing his teeth. I love saying to him, "brush your tooth!" such a short time where that will apply!

You know how some people are just really great laughers? Like their laugh is contagious, not at all obnoxious and it is almost impossible to not smile and laugh back with them. Well, Koala is appearing to have such a laugh. When he gets going, man, those belly chuckles are just hilarious!

He loves to roll a ball back and forth. Loves stories. And loves it when we play hide and seek games!

He is in to everything! Even little specks of things on the floor. He gravitates to whatever he should not be getting into. Dinner time especially is very exciting. He's fast and that grip is strong!

Here I am doing a trusty little trick I did with Belle all the time when I needed a breather and snuggle: stare at the fan. So mesmerizing. Really.

I love motherhood more than I ever thought possible.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cannoli Macarons!

This months Mactweets challenge is to be inspired by a favorite dessert. One of my favorite desserts: cannoli.

Oh how I love cannoli!

I really fell in love with cannoli when we lived in Montana. It was there where I was introduced to Mezzo Matto Italian Bakery. A dreamy bakery that serendipitously landed itself in Montana after the owners were hit by Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana.

These cannoli were, are AMAZING. We went on Saturday walks almost every week to eat them.

Every time we visit Montana this bakery is first on my list of things to do. I was heartbroken a couple months ago when we visited and the bakery was gone! The wonderful owners moved back to Louisiana. I would be lying if I didn't say that I have contemplated if we would ever take a vacation out that way. They are that good.

Anyway! Snap out of the daydream, back to macs!

I made a basic vanilla mac with this cannoli filling.

The filling is delicious. The mac is a little too sweet for it. Anyone have any ideas on making a cannoli shell inspired mac? I was a little lost on that one.

I'm excited about cannoli macs. I just need to work on the mac part and I think they'll become one of my favorites!

My mac making skills have become a little dusty! Don't let these ones fool you, they are the prettiest of the whole bunch. The other ones fell pretty gooily flat. Although were still devouring them! P.S. Here is take two! I took Lora's suggestion of a chocolate mac with this recipe by David Lebovitz.

Complete with the pistachio crumbs these are a bit more true cannoli! These are my first chocolate macs and I'm happy with how they turned out!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy Nursing.

Koala and I are featured on At Mother's Breast today!

After our difficulties a few different people had told me about Katrina and her breastfeeding photo project and blog. I thought what a wonderful way to celebrate our little victory! Katrina was so lovely and nice and these pictures are definitely something I will cherish.

Katrina's blog is very beautiful. I love reading other mother's experiences.

Before I had Koala I never in a million years thought I would gladly have nursing pictures taken of me! But here I am now and I'm happy.