Wednesday, August 04, 2010

2 months.

Our sweet baby boy is two months now! I've been enjoying reading the mom and she does all kinds of cute stuff to highlight her children's month to month growth. I thought it would be fun to take some fun pictures too!

This month G (still need to come up with a real blog name! :) has been smiling like crazy. Which means we've all been smiling around here because it is very contagious. Often when I am feeding him and I can tell that he has stopped eating I look down and he has a giant smile on his face. I love it.

Also in his facial expression repertoire: looks of concern.

He's very expressive with is hands. It takes him a good 20 minutes to wake up in the morning as he goes through a stretch and grunting routine.

Mostly G is just such a good baby. He's very mellow and relaxed.

He loves cooing, reading and playtime with dad, stretching, singing, bath time, diaper changing time and especially snuggling.

Which happens to be my favorite thing to do too!

We are so. in. love!


Casey and Candi Despain said...

Love it :) Cute baby boy, and Cute pics too :)

julia said...

those are super cute pictures. you are very creative!

Cristie said...

The bow tie is just darling :)

Gigi said...

he is so cute! i love the cherries in the picture. i cannot believe he has been here 2 months! he is a joy boy! said...

Look at his darling face! What a handsome little man you have on your hands.

Jane said...

Jenny it's been so fun to follow your blog. I have a favor to ask you. Could I talk to you sometime about your birth, such as the place and your recommendations. James and I are thinking about a second baby and I am leaning towards the natural way and want to talk to people who have done. Plus you are a ton of fun and I would love to catch up. I know time is scarce with a little one, but if you find any to call me or send along an email I would be so grateful.