Thursday, August 19, 2010


Last night Dashing Boy was snuggling and talking to G when suddenly and randomly he burst into singing: "My buddy. My buddy!"

then he excitedly exclaimed out loud, "I finally have one!"

It came out of nowhere and he said it with genuineness.

It was awesome and a pretty cute/hilarious spectacle.

We've been laughing about it all night and morning.

I guess Dashing Boy really wanted a My Buddy Doll when he was younger and he never got one. I totally remember the commercial from my childhood and I'm pretty sure my brother wanted one as well.

Ahh to grow up in the 80's.

Those of you who remember this commercial: didn't you think that bike was the coolest?


candace said...

may THAT should be your blog name for G.! Buddy!

Brittany said...

Yes, we sing this to Owen all the time! Tyler had one of those dolls ad loved it!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your blog. Keep it that way.

Gigi said...

your brother did have a doll! he wanted one so bad and i got him a boy doll. i wonder what i did with it! your dad still calls your brother buddy too! it is great to have a buddy!

Gigi said...

should i have said he wanted one so badly? whatever the grammar might be, all i know is that your brother is a very proud uncle!