Monday, August 16, 2010

Baby's First Road Trip.

Every time Dashing Boy and I go on a road trip I always spend a fair amount of time fussing with car organization. Things like making sure the pillows, cooler, and food are in the right, accessible spots. Also I like to be able to see at least the very top portion out of the back window. That's just safety.

"How are we ever going to fit children and all our stuff and all their stuff in our car one day when we take a family road trip together?" we have wondered out load to each other over the years and on almost every road trip. It has been a big mystery.

Amazingly somehow we managed to make it work just fine. With one child that is. And our hotel cart looked like this:

It was kind of embarrassing pushing it up to the room.

But we had a blast.

We visited old friends. Spent some time with Belle.

We went on dates and ate yummy dinners and fancy chocolates. And sushi which I hadn't eaten for a whole year!

We took our baby to the hot springs. And we showed him all kinds of fun things like the Tetons and some of our favorite spots.

He seemed to fall asleep during the most exciting parts of the vacation.

Those mid-day hotel naps together were my favorite.

Near the end of the road trip (it takes a long time getting places with a baby!) the car was a complete disaster!

But we loved it.

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Cristie said...

How fun to go on trips with a baby! Oh the memories are flooding back . . . You are in for so many "firsts". How smart of you to be tracking all of your adventures.