Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tune out.

I have a confession. I believe I use the internet too much.

Much. too. much.

I love the internet and think it is wonderful to have so much information so accessible to us. And so I use it frequently. I think of random things throughout the day and then look them up later. I read nice blogs and the news and parenting info. I shop. Or research things that I would like to buy but don't.

Pretty much I do it too much.

The online world can never compensate for the real world in our homes with our children.

I've been thinking about that lately because oftentimes when I am nursing G I catch up on email or research something or do something online that is not even close to being as important as savoring my time with my growing baby.

And then I think to myself, In five years am I going to remember 'random internet search' or sweet, quiet moments with my baby?

You know how they say that nursing is a wonderful bonding time for mother and baby to stare into each others eyes?

Sometimes that doesn't happen. But mostly, it's true. Babies do gaze up at you with their big, loving eyes. Gaze and gaze and gaze for so long that it feels like it penetrates your soul. Truly. They gaze for amounts of time that adults would never dream of staring at someone for. It is lovely.

And in that moment you two are the center of the universe.

Almost a year ago my mom, who drank multiple diet cokes everyday, quit her diet coke drinking cold-turkey. She decided that is what she wanted to do so she jumped right in. She's pretty inspiring.

I don't plan on quitting the internet. But I have been spending substantially less time on it. Just a little every other day or so and not when G is awake.

I hope to maximize the time I do spend on it. To make it worthwhile. And to not fall into aimlessness.

Because that is just silly when there is the cutest, lovely sweet baby, eager to learn from and coo to and smile and gaze at his mama.

I could soak it up forever.

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Gigi said...

one of the main reasons that i could give up the diet coke so cold turkey is because g was coming i wanted to be healthier for my new grandson! i just want to be addicted to him!