Thursday, April 01, 2010

Early Bird

Lately I have really been trying to get a good nights rest (and then some sometimes).

I wake up many times during the night, but luckily I have been blessed with genes that allow me to fall asleep quickly. (Anyone who knows my dad and has carried on a conversation with him in the evening can attest to this :)

So usually I fall right back to sleep except during occasional times when I get so giddy excited that it is impossible. And I crawl back into bed, spoon my Dashing Boy and think away.

Lately when I do that our little baby kicks and moves around like crazy, his busy movements touching both Dashing Boy and me. And we lay there together, husband and wife and baby all jumbled up together. And I think it feels like bliss.

My wake-up time this last little while I am slightly embarrassed to admit has been 8 to 9 ish. Never before 8. I have been so tired and have gotten so used to this schedule that somehow I think that anything before 8 is early.

Like last Saturday we took our car in somewhere and Dashing Boy was going to go at 8 and I said to him. "You better call and make sure they are open so early." and Dashing Boy laughed and said 8 isn't early.

Which it isn't. Why do I think this? I have consistently gotten up much much earlier before. I am so lucky to have a spouse who now kindly teases me all the time about things being "so early" but who is so supportive.

You know when someone calls you in the morning just after you have woken up and you try to sound like you have already been awake and chipper for a few hours?

Well I must not be very good at it, In my head I am doing a great job, but really it must be bad. Because today, just after 8 (I had woken up already) I got a call and as soon as I started talking the lady was so apologetic. "Oh no, I have called you too early." she said. "I am so so sorry."

Oh dear.

I think I realize that soon sleep in this fashion will never ever be anymore. So for now, (to a certain extent) I let myself indulge a bit in sleepiness. Because as my good friend told me, soon 4 will be the new 8. Or something like that.


Bonnie said...

Oh Jenny, Never feel badly for getting the sleep you NEED. Your are doing a great thing in becoming a mother. As much as you will love that baby, you won't be getting a lot of sleep soon. Enjoy it now. Think of banking it for later, then you'll feel less guilty.

Cristie said...

I second Bonnie's good advise. No guilt. Sleep is what your body must need right now, be glad you have the time to take :)