Monday, April 05, 2010

Some Bunny Loves You.

Every year Dashing Boy and I go to the store before Easter and do a little basket shopping. It's a fun little tradition and we have a lot of fun together meandering through the store and choosing things we don't normally purchase.

Some years we split up and make baskets for each other and some years we make one together. We always seem to go the night before Easter which if we were getting lots of Easter themed candy would really be a bad idea. Better remember that.

This year while I was searching for kookaburra licorice Dashing Boy got caught by a tall display of canned sweet corn.

Happy Easter!

Also, I really enjoyed having General Conference on Easter Sunday with so many beautiful messages of Christ. It felt like a wonderful way to spend the holiday.

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Bonnie said...

That is the healthies Easter basket I have ever seen. I love the canned corn!