Monday, March 29, 2010

Baby Sewing Week!

This week I plan on setting up shop on our dining room table with my sewing machine and lots of fabric.

I'm starting to feel like its time to get things in order.

Last week Dashing Boy and I decided it was time to purchase a crib, as at many places it takes a few weeks for them to get here once you order. We found a lovely little crib in the sea of many cribs at the store.

Dashing Boy was cracking me up as he was a little overwhelmed and said he wasn't ready to make a lifetime decision for our child with the "lifetime bed" -a crib that converts to a full bed.

So now that we've made that important decision it's time for new projects.

This week I'm feeling ambitious. So the goal is this: Make the bedskirt for baby's crib, reversible curtains for nursery, and get a very nice start on his baby quilt.

The pieces are cut out (above) and all the fabric for all the projects has been properly prepared- grain straitened, washed and ironed.

So workshop in the living room it is.

Also, check out this fun event.

I'm hoping to participate after I finish my projects.


candace said...

what pattern are you following for the quilt??

Cristie said...

Good luck with your sewing projects. I look forward to seeing the finished products, they will be adorable no doubt.