Monday, March 22, 2010

Game night.

Lately everyone is talking about the "big game (s)." It's fun, a bonding thing for people. Comparing those little bracket things.

But it is the same story during superbowl season and nba championships and well, gosh I don't even know what all the events are really called. We just are clueless. Ball sports and I do not have a very confident history.

Dashing Boy, bless his heart, shares this history with me. Put him on a mountain and he can ski or snowboard, hike or climb, bike or run with handsome beauty. But put him in a gathering of a bunch of guys talking about "the game" or plans for ward ball and poor Dashing Boy is out.

But you want to know a secret?

I love it. Because as the conversation goes in this direction, Dashing Boy makes a real effort to stay a part of things. I watched him the other night as he asked one of our friends to explain to him why someone was having to throw a free throw. And then he genuinely listened as our friend excitedly explained his bracket all out to him.

And goodness gracious my heart was melting. How is it that can be such a turn on?

I think because in its own way, it is confidence.

The other night we played board games at home and because my mind is all baby right now I decided during one of our favorite games (bananagrams) I would do a baby theme. Dashing Boy was winning big time. But then he saw how into the baby theme I was that he changed his words all around. And we had a great time reading what each other was coming up with.

We are clueless right now as to what it will be like to be parents. But also I think we are confident too. Which I'm ok with- clueless and confident. Because luckily, we have lots of all-stars around that we can turn to when we need advice.

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Nicole said...

He may not know much about basketball, but he can out smart any of us when he wears that techy t-shirt and has to explain the concept to us. I still don't get it! Dashing Boy is perfect for you - so glad you tell us about him in such a positive way. It's refreshing.