Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bump. 30 weeks.

Third trimester!

Lately people are asking me how far along I am and I always answer in weeks to the response of confused faces. Like 30 weeks? what does that mean? It does sound silly sometimes but it means 10ish more weeks to go!

Never do I ever count other things in weeks but each week of pregnancy feels like such a milestone. So 30 weeks it is. 7 months.

Somehow I thought my stomach would be huge right now like in Juno. I definitely feel very big lots of the time. And lately on occasion I get up and realize that I am waddling! Crazy thing that sometimes can and can't be controlled.

The baby is hanging out low and I am measuring right where I should be. It was so fun yesterday to have my midwife feel my stomach and be able to tell me exactly where his head, bum, legs, and arms were positioned.

I'm so happy. I love pregnancy. I know I say it all the time but I think it is really amazing and something to be cherished. And boy do I plan on cherishing our little one come 8 or 10 or 12 more weeks.


Heidi said...

Oh, so cute! Now you look like I would at 16 weeks!! =0)

Everyone who's ever been pregnant will know exactly what you mean when you say weeks, it's like a language you learn......13 weeks is the end of the first trimester, 18 weeks-ish they start to move, 20 weeks-ish you can find out gender, etc etc....

Where are you planning to deliver?

Maren said...

I love the happy yellow wall behind you!

Jenna said...

You have such a darling torpedo for a belly! Mine is completely flat which makes me sad. I want yours :)

Mrs. Olsen said...

I'm confused? I thought pregnancy bumps happened in the gut, butt, thighs, and boobs.

Not fair!