Tuesday, February 16, 2010


This weekend I made my first baby clothes purchase.

I walked in to Patagonia and let my heart melt imagining our little guy in all kinds of cute fleeciness.

melt and melt.

Hopefully I got the potential sizes right.

At 40% off the lowest price I got a $100 coat for $23! And that lil' vest is so darn cute.

It was exciting and a bit indulgent shopping for the baby.

Mom has been telling us that she thinks our baby will be born wearing a hat. She's convinced that we'll have him in one the majority of the time. This is because Dashing Boy is a hat-wearing guy, he almost always has one on in the winter. And my hat wearing has increased exponentially since I've been with him. Mom gets a kick out of how were usually in hats when she sees us.

So she has contributed two hats already to the baby's stash.

After seeing the latest I think she's right!- that is if he will keep it on his head!

(Thank you everyone for your nice comments on my last post. They were so nice.)


candace said...

that vest is the cutest thing in the world. perfect for your baby, really! so perfect!!

ACH said...

It's true; that little vest may be the cutest thing I have ever seen!

Gigi said...

i do read your blog! that hat will look so cute on our baby!

Jane said...

hey jenny. I found your blog a bit ago, and it's been fun catching up a little on your happenings. Congratulations on the pregnancy! I'm SO excited for you to have a little boy! I had a boy last march (it's almost been a year?!) and wow is it life changing. Anyway, I'm back in SLC, and if you ever want to get together I would love to see you and maybe eat some snobby bread together or you can teach me some of your crafty skillz.