Friday, February 19, 2010

Mini Dress.

My latest sewing projects have been some fun little dresses using Amy Butler's Mini Dress Tunic & Tops pattern. Here is my review :)

For some reason I kind of felt like the girl on Enchanted making them, especially during ironing. (you know, singing and making dresses out of curtains and such.) It's really fun seeing a dress or project come together, it makes me want to sing!

This dress is not a maternity dress. But it works very nicely as one too. I just made it in my regular size and because the front has some pretty folding it can expand.

This pattern was fairly easy to follow. I didn't make any real changes except in the length. Originally I wanted to make the "long top length" but I cut it out in the "tunic length" so I could have some control over the exact length when I hemmed.

I"m glad I did because I think the long top would have been a bit awkward of a length on me.

Here it is in the tunic length. I think it will be fun this summer with some capris:

The first time I used this pattern I made it in the dress length + 4 inches. (Again knowing I could hem it as much as I liked in the end.) The longer length turned out to be perfect! This dress is a favorite of mine now!

So there it is. I have some more fun fabric waiting for projects. I'm debating whether I should make another of this top or try something new? hmmm...


Cristie said...

So CUTE!! You are a wonderful seamstress. Your Grandma is so proud of you and Juju.

romney,ashley, ainsley and emmaline said...

very cute! You always are doing aomething fun! I wish I was more ambitious like you! I love Amy Butler fabrics.

ps...about being scared to be a mom...It hasn't gone away for me yet, I kinda think it won't. But I'm glad it scares me, it makes me feel like I take the wonderful responsibility seroiusly:)

Gigi said...

i am so proud that you can iron since i cannot! actually i do not like to iron. when you were little if you needed something ironed your dad would do it for you since i put more wrinkles in than taking them out! i am so not a domestic diva like you! i am so proud of you!

Nell said...


Heidi said...

I wish you lived closer so you could teach me how to sew!

Emma said...

I know it's been a while but I just want to say thanks for posting this as it inspired me to create my own maternity clothes from the same pattern. Hope you're doing well :)