Friday, January 22, 2010

My name is Jenny and I am a bread snob.

I don't think there could be anything cooler than learning how to make bread like this:

Isn't it exciting! What a beauty! I was lucky enough today to take a wonderful class in artisan bread baking by my good friend Cristie at The Table Runner ( a great resource for finely tested and tuned recipes if I do say so myself).

Cristie is my go to person on baked goods. I have called her many a time with questions- knowing I can not go wrong if I follow her advice.

This past year she has perfected her art of artisan bread making- something I've wanted to learn very much how to do (We Love artisan bread in this house) but that has just seemed very daunting.

Well, fear not. Cristie showed me that it can be done easily (and with a little practice, maybe even with some grace like her).

She uses the book Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. And really it seemed like the title might really be true.

I'm very excited about it and am going to be experimenting with it this next little while.

Because things like artisan bread make me happy.

And lets face it, I'm a bread snob.

In college I worked at the heavenly Crumb Brothers Artisan Bread where we most definitely lived off the fresh bread I brought home everyday. I even started to get snobby about bread that was more than two days old. (Now that I'm not so spoiled I savor every last bite of an artisan bread loaf if it manages to last longer than two days!)

After college we even had a separate budget category for artisan bread for a spell just so we could have it every week.

But being able to make it myself? At home?

Very cool indeed.

Especially after being in company like this:


Cristie said...

Jenny, you are overly kind. It was very nice to be with you today. The company way out weighed the class. I anxiously await the artisan bread that will come from your wonderful kitchen!

Heidi said...

What type of bread is in that first picture?? It looks SOOOO good!

Veritas said...


Jenny said...

Heidi- it's a wheat bread with cranberries and orange zest! very good.

Gigi said...

i love the hugging picture because it is my sister hugging the baker! sisters are fabulous! you should do a post on sisters. what a day we had! we had great friends and mom and daughter and sisters and fabulous bread with cherry butter! life is good!