Saturday, January 23, 2010

Craving My Husband.

This last week I was all by my lonesome as Dashing Boy was out of town for business.

I cried like a baby when he left. cried and cried. Pregnancy-related?... I don't know, but I hated having him away. I love him so.

Before he left, even before he knew he was going, we laid in bed talking one night. "I want I Hos," I said to him (one of our favorite restaurants in Montana). "I want I Hos so bad," I said. We fell asleep as we joked about traveling there just for some Korean food.

Perhaps it was a pregnancy craving? I don't know... are those really real? Dashing Boy has been dutifully waiting for such cravings to occur. I have seen him laugh his head off at the watermelon and chop suey scene in Lady and the Tramp.

Needless to say when Dashing Boy headed in that direction this last week I did mention our favorite little eatery.

How on earth that food would travel I had no idea. But even if he could go eat there while he was there-- well one of us would be enjoying such yumminess.

Dashing Boy came home with I Hos in his suitcase. Which was very bold and brave because it isn't exactly a pancake or something. I Hos has the potential to saturate into every crease and cranny inside checked baggage.

I asked Dashing Boy why he didn't carry it on. He said, "That stuff smelled so bad."

He had gotten it all prepared in his suitcase- extra measures by putting it in a rubbermaid container and bagging it up. Then he said he stuck his entire suitcase in the refrigerator so in the early morning he wouldn't forget to bring it.

This man makes me smile every day. He is such a dream.

Also brought home: chocolate. oh dreamy dreamy chocolate.

I tell you what, it was like Christmas morning.

with most of all Dashing Boy's return to home as the most wonderful thing to wake up to.


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Gigi said...

i am so impressed that dashing boy put his suitcase in the frig!!!! what a smart man! that korean food looked ok but the chocolates are incredible. the next time he goes i highly suggest that he get some chocolates for his mother in law. she is such a nice person and i know that she would just love some too!