Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I Heart Prints.

For the last little while I've been searching for some art to hang on the walls.

Here are some of the choices from some lovely lady artisans:

I loved this one so much by Jenny & Aaron of Everyday is a Holiday I even managed to find the same frame they used in their picture!

This one of the Salt Lake Temple is sweet and simple. My camera was being grumpy ( I think it's broken) so it isn't in sharp focus. But it is a beauty and Susan of Persimmon and Pink was so nice and seemed like she must be a beautiful person also. (FYI: She is on vacation so her shop is temporarily closed but I if I were you I would go back in a few days and check out her amazing inventory!)

And this one is still searching for its frame, but is on display in the meantime. It is a favorite because 1: it is titled "Hoot Cakes" and 2: it is made by my good friend Lauren who is a budding print maker. Lauren, you need a shop so I can link to you and others can buy cool prints from you :)


Cristie said...

Everything in your house is put together so well. You have a great eye for things. I miss you.

Larn said...

jenny! i love you! come to the next mini print sale, it is december 9-11. there will be so many awesome prints to buy!
one day, perhaps after i graduate, i will set up some sort of shop. for now i am too lazy, and also i have no time. if you haven't noticed i haven't even updated my blog in a million years.