Monday, November 16, 2009

Strong Men.

Last week Dashing Boy was out of town. Mom is out of town too.

And so I was all alone in our house. Which is fun sometimes. But last week, what was more fun was to stay with Dad and Juju.

I love my family so much. "We have the best Dad," I said to Juju one of the days. "I know," she said with emphasis. "It makes such a hard standard for me with boys. I want them to be like Dad."

For a long time Dashing Boy has talked about a book he wants to read one day when we have a little girl. Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters. I don't know much about it or anything, but I do know that title is true.

My Dad is confident man. He is strong. But he is also soft, and loving, and sensitive too. All through growing up and even now still, my Dad introduces me as his "beautiful daughter Jenny." As he says it, I can see and feel his love for me. That kind of confidence was way better than anything a boy could have said about me while growing up.

So last week every night Dad and I would sit and talk for a few hours. Then Dad would start to fall asleep on the armchair.

Then Juju and I would talk for a long time. Every night she would lay in bed with me and chat chat away. She kept talking so loud and I kept saying, "Juju, could you try to talk a little quieter?" and she would say, "Oh! Am I talking loud?!" and then she would talk softly for two seconds and be loud again. She would talk until I feel asleep and then go to bed herself. It was great.

At 7:45 prompt, every morning Dad brought me and Juju breakfast in bed. It was amazing and so fun.

For dinner one night he brought us mini cupcakes.

I was talking to Dashing Boy on the phone and he said "Oh man, I'm going to have to up the ante! You're not going to want to come home!"

But of course I wanted to go home. I could hardly wait for Dashing Boy to get back home!

Growing up, my Dad showed me lots of traits that I knew I would want in a strong man. And I found them and other lovely things in Dashing Boy.

A girl could never feel more special.


candace said...

I love your Dad, too!

Randi said...

I remember when we were in high school and we would catch your dad watching those dating shows. He's a funny guy.

Cami's Healthy Living Blog said...

I love your Dad! I remember the time I spent the night at your house and what an interest he took in me. He really is a neat Dad. I too feel so lucky to have a good father and great husband! We are lucky gals indeed!