Thursday, November 19, 2009

Crazy Girls

Tonight I am going to see New Moon at midnight.

With hundreds of other crazy girls. A girl in my neighborhood rented out a whole theater. There will be games, and door prizes, and I'm sure lots of screaming.

I got invited months ago by my friend J. She is the one I accidentally pulled my pants down in front of. Against an unsightly beginning, we've become good friends :)

I wasn't interested in the Twilight series at all but once it kept getting bigger and bigger, I decided it was becoming too much a part of our pop culture to not read. I did the same thing with Harry Potter (which is the best!).

The books for me were just ok. They were interesting because I felt like I was pushing through them sometimes but then I read them so fast, so I guess that's saying something. And in the movie Bella was way too pouty for me. The same distant, gazing face over and over. And also I agreed on many fronts with how Natalie felt about the movie.

But here I am, excited for 10:00 to roll around and snacks with ladies and being out on the town.

Will I scream when Jacob takes his shirt off?
Will Bella still be really pouty with weird music in the background?
Will I manage to not do anything too embarrassing (you know like pull my pants down) and maybe make a new friend?

We shall see!


Geoff & Cami Brown said...

ha ha I am so excited to see the movie. I wish i was going at midnight but geoff works at 4 in the morning and i am dragging him along with me to see it tomorrow @ 7. I wish i was seeing it tonight though (: have fun!!!

candace said...

I really am still laughing at you pulling your pants down. it really is my all time favorite blog post I've read on any blog the entire year!

Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...

I saw it with my YW... it was good, still feel the same way -- but its fun to go to movie night

Anonymous said...

wait a second... I´m on pins and needles here... did you scream when Jacob took his shirt off? I gotta know...

--Dashing Boy

Cristie said...

Oh, you are too much! I guess I have to see this show.