Friday, January 16, 2009

Sleeping Husband

Last night I stayed up later than Dashing Boy.

This happens often. I like staying up late. When we were dating, Dashing Boy and I had many a late night together- watching movies, talking, playing games, cooking, running around in the dark night. It was a blast.

But then we got married and instantly Dashing Boy turned into a sleepy, sleepy man as soon as it became 9:30 (often earlier).

So I was left with three options:
option #1: Go to bed earlier with Dashing Boy.
option #2: Convince/try my cutest to get Dashing Boy to stay up late with me.
option #3: Tuck Dashing Boy into bed and join him a couple hours later.

My favorite option is #2. Because Dashing Boy is really really fun to hang out with when he's tired. It's a hoot. We laugh almost the entire time we're together on late nights.

But I love Dashing Boy and know he needs his sleep. So usually it's option #3. (option #1 is reserved for the most responsible of nights).

Last night was one of those option #3 nights.

As I walked into our bedroom I stared at my sleeping husband. Cuddled up snug in a warm blanket, facing my side of the bed, his eyes covered with a JetBlue Airlines eyemask.

The lights were left on, sweetly- thoughtfully for me so I could find my way around the room before I joined him.

I smiled, got into bed, and cozied up next to him.

Feeling so loved with his gesture.

By far better than any late night antics of our dating days.

(special permission by Dashing Boy was given to post above photo)


Natalie said...

cute cute dashing boy!!!

*Amy Leigh* said...

Haha! Hubs just actually bought one of those masks for me for my birthday but I am scared to use it during the week because I normally wake up because of the light sneaking in through our curtains! I am scared that I will oversleep!

I also try to get hubs to stay up late with me, I also have to fall asleep first. We will be laying in bed and if I hear him start to drift before me I always try to wake him up. This is a fun game for me, but for him, not so much.