Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pizza Salad. It's Totally Hot Right Now.

Ok, so yes I did have pizza salad three nights this week. It's just so yummy really.

Honestly, I'm starting to crave leafy greens even more now. I think my body is enjoying this resolution.

Plus, having salad at least once a day has made meals so much easier. I'm surprised by this- I thought it would be harder. Somehow though- adding a giant salad to lunch and/or dinner has made the rest of the meal seem more manageable. Hopefully this lasts?!

Also, I made it through a Costco bin of mixed greens without it starting to go bad. That was pretty exciting.

But today my family went to a special brunch and I have to admit that it was pretty hard to go for the salad first instead of the fresh fruit crepes with melted chocolate poured over top.

But it's my resolution. I'm motivated to follow through.

Now if I could just get to that yoga...

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