Thursday, January 15, 2009

Electric Purple

Yesterday I got my first ever pedicure.

A treat from my good friend (and past employer) Em. Em was in town for business and we had tentatively planned to meet before she flew back home.

So when I received a text from her saying when and where and I didn't recognize the place I thought we were going to meet at some new hip little cafe. It had one of those kinds of names.

But then I got a second text: bring flip-flops. We're getting pedicures.

So I did what any normal girl would do before I quickly left to meet her in time.

I gleefully squealed and ran to the bathroom to shave my legs.

The pedicure was pure luxury. I loved it. I felt like one of those girls on a beautifully ridiculous chick flick gabbing away with her friend while sitting in a fancy massage chair receiving fancy spa services.

That is not how I typically gab with friends. More like in my pajamas while lounging on the couch- or more likely- gabbing while cleaning my house. In my pajamas.

But let me just say, that this special treat was a magnificent way to catch up with a friend.

Em has become one of my best friends. A kindred spirit in my life's cast of characters. She is fabulous. So fun, sharp, loving and genuine. And, I mean, her daughter is practically mine. Ok, not quite but ya know.

When we were done I had pretty, dark pink toenails. Em's were electric purple- a touch of flair to her business attire.

It was so exciting I think I might paint my fingernails today.

And them I'm going to go watch a chick flick. Or Oprah.

And then I'm going to clean my house,

In that order.


*Amy Leigh* said...

I love, love, LOOOOOOVE pedicures! They are totally a guilty pleasure. I do try to give them to myself @ home most of the time and opt for the salon style pedi for a special treat!

Heidi said...

That sounds like so much fun!! I've only had a pedicure and manicure once, right before I got married. I'm thinking it's time to go again! Thanks for the inspiration!

Gigi said...

i would like a blogicure!

MEvans said...

so fun! A really good pedicure is definately something every girl should experience atleast once in her lifetime! One of my favorite things to do on our "daughter dates" is to take Avery or Parker to get mini manicures or pedicures at the beauty college! It's cheap, totally girly, and the girls really feel grown up and special!