Saturday, November 01, 2008

Project Organization: The Kitchen

My favorite room in the house.

This room is what started this whole organization frenzy.

We moved in to rather spacious- but bare- kitchen. There were only 2 cupboards suitable for storing dishes and food and about 5 feet of counter space. Not too bad... until I discovered the door that I believed led to the food pantry, instead, opened to reveal the hot water heater.

I love to bake. It relaxes me. It's a major de-stresser in my life- (usually!) In Montana, I worked at a fabulous bakery and during that time I completely fell in love with the kitchen. It was so easy to use. So easy to bake in. As I worked, I dreamed of one day having a kitchen similar in set-up to use for my own home baking.

This is where I got my inspiration for organizing my kitchen.

First, I wanted more counter space.
Second, more storage space.
and Third, I wanted the kitchen to be functional.

This is what I came up with...

A stainless steel counter top with shelves from Ikea and
a wall shelf for the dishes - (this way the cupboards are freed up for storing food, etc.) plus I love looking at the dishes- they're happy.
Combined, I got both pieces for under $200.

To keep the counter clean and for optimal ease of use I got a magnetic knife holder (always wanted one of these!- $10 ikea), as well as a rail that holds all my measuring cups and spoons- making them extremely easy to access during baking.

Also on the rail: a shelf that holds baking spices.

But my favorite part of all: storage containers for bulk ingredients.
I purchased these commercial kitchen containers from a local restaurant supply store.
I love how I can see all my ingredients and know when things are running low. I love how I can measure right out of the bin without spilling.
I'm hoping they will inspire me to be a better cook.
The two largest bins contain white flour and wheat flour.
Also... brown sugar, powdered sugar, organic cane sugar (yum.), cocoa, brown rice, white rice, couscous, quinoa, oats, semolina flour, black beans, and popcorn.

The refrigerator was next to the oven so we moved it and installed a pot rack that we purchased when we were first married. This is a huge space saver for cupboards!
Underneath the pot rack: a kitchen island (courtesy k-mart Martha Stewart- also from when we were first married). We just recently discovered the microwave fits it perfectly.

The spice rack we had before was bulky so I saved the jars, filled them with the spices we actually use, and set up a wall spice rack.

Every book on organization that I browsed through said to keep kitchen tables completely free of stuff- except for one nice, purposeful touch. So I'm doing my best to keep it this way- which is very hard!

Checkout the garlic poster. Can you believe there are that many different kinds of garlic out there?

The End.

And now, after all this clean organization mania,
a disclaimer:
I did this series to give myself a little kick of motivation to finish the work that I started with my house upon moving in. These pictures were taken as I completed each room- in their mint condition- they will not stay this way I'm sure- I really don't have everything that together.

Also, we saved and put aside a set amount of money to devote to this organization project and I did my best and tons of research to find the best prices possible. Organizing takes a little bit of an investment- but not much. It can be done with little money and the results will pay-off.

Also, I don't have kids yet. This means I have more time and less mess. So let's be realistic here. :)

My point in this series was to say how refreshing it is to have an organized house, that it is possible to do, that you can do it, and that housework can be cool.

thanks for reading.


romney,ashley and ainsley said...

Your discalimer does make me feel a little better:0) I was beginning to get a bit jealous...YOur house looks darling, we love you guys.

candace said...

christian is so sick of hearing me talk about your kitchen. it's so nice. you're such a domestic diva.

Cristie said...

Your kitchen is so nice! I love the way you put it together- I think you have a real gift for organization. Do you hire out?

Mrs. Olsen said...

beautifully done.

Mrs. Olsen said...

BTW, thanks for the kid disclaimer. I hope you can keep this up when the little pitter pattering of feet begin.

Natalie said...

This is such an inspiring series!! LOOK at all THAT counter space!! And you make me feel like I could maybe do that. You excite me!!