Friday, October 31, 2008

Project Organization: The Office

First things first, Happy Halloween!
May everyone have a fabulous, safe, fun-filled night!

And now... the office.

This is an extremely satisfying room to have organized.


Because it's the easiest room to have be disorganized.

I credit this to one thing.

The mail.

For years I've been fighting with the mail, trying to come up with ways to manage it, which means I usually I stick it in a basket and forget about it. Obviously this is not an effective solution.

So I did my best to come up with one.

First, incoming mail is retrieved then quickly divided into three piles: 1. bills; 2. coupons and weekly ads (such as for groceries); 3. Invitations, announcements and time-sensitive documents.

Junk mail is immediately recycled. Magazines are stored in a small magazine holder and traded out with the previous issue that is then recycled.

Then when you have a little time each pile is sorted and stored accordingly in an accordion file.

Announcements, dates for events, etc. are marked on a giant desk calender then filed into the month they apply.

Bills are marked on the calender and prepared and filed.


Make sense? I'm hoping it will. It looks like it makes sense right now but I'll let you know after I try it out for a while.

To organize the drawers I bought some handy dandy containers. This first one is a silverware separator for $.99.

This next one is keeps all kinds of thing separated and easy to find. The blue box underneath has all my letter writing supplies in one place- stamps, envelopes, paper, thank you cards, etc.

With everything stored away, it's easier to keep the computer desk clean.

Dashing Boys most favorite part of the office:

The gear closet. Because he's always wanted one. And the office is where the closet is located.

Stay tuned for the best room of all:
The Kitchen.
coming up tomorrow!


candace said...

yay! I'm excited for the kitchen!!!!

Natalie said...

This is why I wish we had an office. We have a desk in our living room and a mail slot in the kitchen and a filing cabinet that serves as nightstand in the bedroom!! It's so scattered!! It's hidden, but at the same time...scattered!