Monday, November 24, 2008

And That is Why I Love Him

The other night we made pancakes for dinner. The perfect solution, I thought for two hungry people with little time for food prep. Plus, we had just purchased a large case of strawberries from costco. Fresh strawberries on pancakes. A lovely meal.

Proud of my wifey late dinner solution, I made the pancakes and cut up tons of strawberries to pile on top. I made my pancake nice and pretty- more strawberries than pancake and a little powdered sugar on top.

And then I watched as my Dashing Boy proceeded to make his pancake.

I should know by now, that Dashing Boy has his own style of doing things.

* * *

Once, when we were in college, I got a frantic call from one of our friends.

"Why is Dashing Boy wearing a helmet? I just drove past him and he was driving and he was wearing a helmet!!! Is something wrong?!"

Soon Dashing Boy arrived home, ski helmet on his head, chatting away, hand gestures flying through the air.

I watched him, confused yet unable to suppress my smile.

"My bluetooth headset broke," he said, "and my ski helmet is wired for phone calls." He then proceeded on with his conversation, helmet on head, walking around the house talking while doing various tasks with his free hands.

* * *

I sat at the table, attention directed at Dashing Boys pancake making/eating:

First, he got out the microplane and grated a substantial pile of sharp cheddar cheese over his pancake. Then came the cilantro. He rolled the pancake up and ate it with his hands.

For pancake #2 Dashing Boy ventured over to the strawberries. And added cilantro.

He finished off dinner with pancake #3: cheddar cheese and strawberries.

* * *

And that is why (well, one of the many reasons) I love him.


Mrs. Olsen said...

Grooooss! You guys ate at my house once and I remember doing the eyebrow curl when your Dashing Boy took off his shoes and started rubbing his bare feet. La la la la. I didn't mind btw-funny kid.

D said...

uh... this is Dashing Boy here... Is there any way we can just delete that last comment? Just kidding. But for the record, I don't do that in public anymore :)

As far as the cilantro goes... it was a fun experiment, but I wouldn't recommend it. I've always been open to trying almost any food once.

D said...


If anyone is considering having us over to dinner I promise I'll behave.

Gigi said...

at least the picture looks pretty! i think it is great that dashing boy does not waste anything and he is not afraid to experiment!