Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Juju's Cute Organization Tip

A couple of weeks ago my sister Juju and I bought a garden of floral earrings from the adorable etsy shop Dangs World. We were already in love with her sweet dangly earrings and after falling in love with Nie Nie (Nie Nie wears cute flower studs of this variety) we were inspired to get to some stud earrings too.

These earrings are wonderful and have names like, Romantic Rose and Vintage Green Tea Flowers. I think we've both worn them every day since we got them!

But what I love most of all are my sister's cute organization solutions for her growing collection of earrings.

Here are some of her dangly earrings, neatly organized on a bulletin board with thumb tacks:

And best of all, her brilliant idea of using a painters palette to organize her stud earrings:

So pretty, so pretty! And so are you Juju in your lovely red rose studs!

1 comment:

candace said...

I love those earrings I have added them to my Christmas wishlist!!