Thursday, November 20, 2008

She Just Can't Help Herself.

As chronicled, I've been trying my darnedest to organize my house and keep things nice and tidy.

I'm a sentimental gal so getting rid of things is a pretty hard process for me. I still have my baby blanket. It's tattered and worn, in fact, it's in a special pillowcase because it wouldn't be able to survive on its own. This blanket is probably the first thing I would grab if I had to quickly leave my home- I was a little reluctant to admit that in my gratitude post, but alas, its true.

Anyway, baby blanket aside, I've acquired a lot of clutter in my life. So now, I'm doing my best to declutter. Clean surfaces- that's what I want to see.

My biggest cheerleader throughout this process has been my mom. "Wow, this is wonderful!" she'll say. "You're such a domestic diva!"

* * *

When I was in Montana I received a string of packages from my mom. They would come packed tight in a flat rate postage box with a label from home. Every time I would be so excited. "Yes! A package from home!" What is more exciting than that?

And then I would open the package up. Inside, the box was filled with clutter and junk from my old bedroom. That's it. No note. No peanut butter m&ms.

It was at this point that I would start some deep breathing. What to do with the contents of the box? I had already forgotten about this clutter by moving out, I had new clutter to attend to.

But my mom was cleaning too. So package after package, more clutter arrived.

* * *

Packing everything up and moving sped the decluttering process up. Seeing all my stuff in boxes really put things into perspective. Goodness gracious! How did I fit all this stuff in a one bedroom apartment?! No point in packing and moving junk only to get rid of it later.

And then we arrived in our new town, our new place and I was motivated. Unpacking the boxes led to more decluttering. I was feeling really satisfied. I had clean surfaces. I knew where to find things. Now when I lose something I'm almost more nervous about if it's really gone because I know there are not many places it could be. ahhh... clean! organized!

Enter mom. Mom likes to buy little things and present them to me... socks for every holiday (which I LOVE!), little decorations, knicknacks to put on my counters.

She's been watching my organizing frenzy. She's been encouraging me. She's been trying her hardest not to add more clutter.

But the other day she just couldn't help herself.

And I received a new gift: a small metal tea light holder that says simplify.

* * *

I hope it will help me do just that.
and mom, I love you.


Natalie said...

Aww, that's why we love moms though!

Cristie said...

So well written. I feel like I've lived through it with you, I can almost see some of those boxes . . . now i just need to declutter my house. I loved this post!