Friday, October 03, 2008

Some time with Belle.

A much needed visit! I love this little girl!

First and foremost we took a trip to the zoo.

My cousin K. and her beautiful niece Zel joined us. It was Zel's first trip to the zoo! K. was a fabulous auntie and loved the bonding time!

and Belle was very responsible to make sure Zel was never left behind!

Later on, it was time for COOKIES!

And a visit to Cinderella park!

The perfect visit for a family-sick nanny!


Julia said...

Halle is so cute, I can't even stand it! I'm sad I didn't get to spend more time with you when she was here. Tell Molly to bring her back really soon!

Gretchen said...

these are great pictures!!! i loved seeing you and halle. you guys are so cute together! i hope that halle can come back soon for another visit!

Gretchen said...

i like the look of your new blog. you have some very nice pictures and stories.

Molly said...

Oh Jen, Halle cries for you every time she gets mad at me. :) We love you so much. You're our #1 speed dial.