Thursday, October 02, 2008


1. steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., esp. in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement.

Saturday evening we went to one of the best wedding dinners I think I've ever been to. Our friend Ross just married a beautiful, bright girl. Both of them were so happy.

To give you an idea of how the evening went I'll tell you a bit about Ross.

Ross is a great guy, with greater intentions- but his approach is a little... well... different- especially when it came to girls and dating. We rode up to the dinner with one of his old roommates who described Ross as using the "commitment pattern" (an approach he learned while serving an LDS mission) on virtually every girl he was attracted to.

This could go something like this:
Ross (while purchasing groceries): "I like rap. Do you like rap?"
Checkout girl: "um yeah, I guess so."
Ross: "Cool. What's your name? We should go out sometime."
Checkout girl: (awkward niceness) "uh, Carrie. What's yours?"
Ross: "Ross. Like dress for less."
Checkout girl: "uncomfortable smile) oh..."
Ross: "So what about this Wednesday..."

Yes. Ross was looking for his gal.
Six months ago he found her.

During the dinner a microphone was passed around so Ross' friends could share their favorite Ross stories. Nearly all of them were about Ross' dating techniques. Embarrassing? yes. Endearing? yes. Was Ross embarrassed? no. And his wife? She laughed and smiled and kissed him all the while.

My favorite story of the night was about Ross after falling 50 feet in a climbing accident. He was on the ground, knocked out, his body badly hurt. A girl was standing over him asking him questions to assess the damage. "WHAT IS YOUR NAME." "WHO IS THE PRESIDENT?" "DO YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND?" "Why do you ask?" Ross immediately responded. "Are you interested?"

There was just something about the evening that was just so sweet. Here was a guy who literally had asked out thousands of girls getting denied and knocked down over and over again.

But he didn't fall. He kept being himself and doing his thing and when he called his eventual wife back for a second date she hung up the phone and screamed with excitement "YES!!!!!!!" For she was going out with a great guy, that made her happy and gave her butterflies.

I think she gave him butterflies too :)

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