Thursday, October 30, 2008

Project Organization: The Bathroom

A couple of containers and this one is easy!

The bathroom is probably the least fun room to organize in the house- it's like who cares?

But it is nice to find that neosporin when you need it, or tampons for that matter, or sunscreen.

When we moved in our bathroom had this nice rack above the toilet. So I loaded it with different containers to keep it organized and looking pretty.

Then for the medicine cabinet I assigned a container to myself and Dashing Boy so we could easily store things like razors and tweezers and daily things we use. This way you can just take the whole container out when you want to use something and not have things falling out of the cabinet all the time.

I did my best to provide some order to the under-the-sink cabinet. This is as good as it's getting!

Our shower head was nasty nasty. So I replaced it with a nice (but inexpensive) new one.

Ahhh... nice and clean.


Annie said...

Since I am not here to witness this (and I truly love organizing and decorating) I am so glad that you are blogging about it!
Love you and miss you

Natalie said...

I like!!