Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Project Organization: The Living Room

Today I move on to the living room. I wanted this space to be described by one word: cozy.
A place where I could easily cuddle up for a visit with family and friends, read a good book, or comfortably watch movies.

It had to be simple and practical.

We don't have a front entryway so I created a space where we could put our shoes and jackets and such when we entered the house. Dashing Boy had been talking about getting a coat rack for years so when my Grandpa closed his consignment store this fall, I picked up this one. Some day I'm going to dress it up with funky knobs.

The hardest part, for me, about organizing a living room is creating a space where the t.v. is not the focal point. This can be very hard to do! Ideally the t.v. would be in a cabinet that could close and hide it. But when I saw this piece at my Grandpa's store I couldn't pass it up!

The dvd player was driving me crazy so a basket over the top was my solution.

And my favorite part of the entire room... this poem by Roald Dahl, printed on nice paper and framed. It brings me such joy to look at it.

We're lucky to have a closet in our front room, so in it I stored things that we use often.

Finally, I added the last details including this gorgeous quilt made by my grandmother

and this awesome Adam and Eve recycled metal wall sculpture- a wedding gift from a friend that has added just the right touch to every place we've lived in.

The living room is meant for living. And so far this one has done the trick. There were even a bunch of children over here the other day and it held up quite nicely (an unsuccessful test in our last couple of living rooms). So happy living.

I think I'll go cuddle up on the couch.


Heidi the Czarina of Azerbaijan said...

Okay, I need to be like you and put that poem on my wall! LOVE IT! That's the way I grew up, we had movies and one channel (with star trek on it I think, for Dad!) Did you just print it up yourself in two columns? I love that your house is so organized, I sooooo need to do that. But to get stuff done I usually have to let the kids watch a movie and so instead we go to the park or the zoo and leave the housework for another day......oh well! =o)

Natalie said...

I like how comfy everything is!! You did a great job of not making the TV the focal point! That's always been important to me too -- that way I feel like I don't veg in front of the TV all the time!