Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Project Organization: The Bedroom

I begin this week of organization with the most important room in the house: the bedroom.

Oh yes, it's the most important.

The bedroom is the space you share with your spouse- just the two of you. And if you're single, it's the space that's yours. Your own little haven.

Life is busy. Most likely, the rest of your house is busy. But the bedroom shouldn't be. This should be a place of relaxation. A place where it's easier to connect with your spouse, to "get in the mood," and a place where it is easier to sleep.

Study after study has shown the benefits of getting enough sleep- lower risks of major illnesses, obesity, stress, depression, etc! the list goes on. Simply, people who get enough sleep are healthier.

My bedroom used to be the most random room in the house (easy to happen when you live in a small space!) There was no theme to it, no feeling of relaxation. It was clean-but it was cluttered and as such it never felt clean.

Instead of being an environment where I could de-stress, it slightly added to the stress in my life.

I'm all about reducing stress. Organizing your house is exhausting. Truly mentally exhausting, however, so worth it in the end. Throughout the process you need a clean, nice space you can go to relax. For this reason, I suggest organizing your bedroom first before moving on to any other room in the house.

I wanted my bedroom to be:
1. uncluttered (making it easy to keep clean!)
2. light, happy and relaxing
3. easy to find things in- mainly my clothes!
4. personal to me and my husband

First, I got rid of tons of clothes. If I even questioned whether I wanted to keep it- I got rid of it.
Then I organized the closet,

and went to the DI to find a chest of drawers. This one was a steal- solid wood, dividers in the drawers, stamped on the inside- for just $35.

I wanted the top to have just a few things on it that I used. My favorite part is this reused clementine box that I store all my jewelry in.

Next, I wanted a better solution for storing/sorting laundry. So I found these laundry baskets at Walmart (I was going for affordability here!)

For the windows I took an old set of window panels that I had and cut them in half to make two sets of curtains.

Dashing Boy likes to empty his pockets out on the dresser at the end of the day so I put a nice bowl on top to serve this purpose.

My nightstand does not have any drawers so I bought a cute fabric box at TJ Maxx to store my books and such in for a cleaner look. Then I added a few simple details to complete things.

Sweet Dreams!


candace said...

I am SO excited for the kitchen post!!! Are you saving it for last?

Adrienne said...

I'm so proud of you for your adamant, and consistently interesting blogging! I have just started anew as well. Hopefully I can stick with it. Thanks for being inspiring!

MEvans said...

Thanks for inspiring me (once again) to make my bedroom a haven. My room is always last on the list, and the list usually starts over before I get to the bottom! Now, if only I could find a small chunk (or very large if I'm realistic) of time to start! Maybe next week!

Mrs. Olsen said...

Are you for hire? Come and organize my office/armoire..oh, and my pantry...oh, and my toy room...oh,and... (you get the point). Keep it up girl.

Jenny said...

Candace- I was thinking I would do that one last..what do you think? I still have the bathroom, office and kitchen to go...

Gretchen said...

solo would not leave his calling card in this room like he did when you lived at home!

Molly said...

Wow! Seriously, what would you charge to start on our place???? We need you badly! Big loving to you guys. We're going to call tomorrow. Halle told me today she "want to go visit Yenny." :)

Natalie said...

We need more romance!! I'll have to use some of this!!