Monday, October 27, 2008

Project Organization: part 1

As mentioned previously, we moved. And I, jobless, increasingly domestic and motivated to simplify, have taken over the monumental task of solid home organization.

I'm talking about the real thing here- going through each and every thing we own, purging and donating what we don't need or use, and finding better ways to store and organize the things we do use (or would if we could find them!)

This process has always seemed a bit daunting to me. I mean our house isn't that bad right? It's clean and there's just two of us and we've been living in small spaces.

true. true. and true. And still! We have a lot of unnecessary stuff.

That huge box full of pictures and notes from high school?
baggage. Every time I move that thing I feel sick thinking of the mental exhaustion and hours upon hours it will take to finally go through and organize it. The truth is I've already spent the equivalent of that time in worry over actually doing it.

The kitchen table so crowded with stuff that it is nearly impossible to use for dining purposes? cluttered.

The random hippie-esque tapestries (I so loved in college) hanging in my bedroom along with other randomness?

Join me for a week of organization wonderment.


Shaun said...

I loved your curtains...and your skirts...and especially the bags you used to make. You should sell that stuff on ebay.

Jen said...

oops. That was me. Shaun never lived with you in college....