Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Butternut squash ravioli on a Sunday afternoon.

First we prepared the dough. (We used the recipe on the back of Bob's Red Mill Semolina Flour.)

Next, we prepared the squash.

Then we rolled the dough through the handy dandy pasta machine.

and molded the ravioli

Nell was quite the cook.

The fruits of our labors. Later frozen and placed in the freezer for future yummy meals!

For the sauce we made a brown butter/olive oil garlic sage sauce (use equal parts butter and olive oil- first brown the butter and garlic then add olive oil and sage, saute for 1 minute.)

and topped it off with shaved dark chocolate.



Mrs. Olsen said...

Holy crap! You really threw me with the dark chocolate. Yet, it looks completely enticing. You revamped the blog...looks good. Out!

Kat said...

love it! can't wait for our cooking date.

Gretchen said...

where is my chocolte ravioli? for that matter where is my chocolate mousse?

candace said...

i love your apron :)!

Dallas Despain said...

Candace, what about my apron?

Anonymous said...

i love you jenny! that was soooo fun ( and yummy!) thank you for keeping me at ur house, i know im a handfull ( demanding to play AtoZ, or eating all the ice cream!) i had a blast though!