Monday, September 22, 2008

Do ray me abc, 123 baby you and me boy

The past month went something like this:

  • organizing stuff (how have we accumulated so much when we live in such a small space?)
  • carefully packing boxes. and boxes. and boxes of stuff
  • moving boxes into U-Haul
  • tearful goodbyes
  • driving away from the big Montana sky
  • happy hellos
  • great and tearful transitions
  • moving boxes and boxes into U-Haul storage
  • living at my parents house for two weeks
  • eating actual food- homemade and yummy
  • cleaning the new apartment- yuck! (Thank you mom!)
  • moving boxes back into U-Haul truck and into our new apartment
  • discovering we have two cabinets in our kitchen. two. For food and dishes and everything.
  • deciding that my current calling is home-organizer
  • crazy-organizing every room in the house (pictures to come soon) organize, organize, ikea, DI (brilliant this place is- I definitely missed it- I scored a beautiful antique dresser for 35 bucks!)
  • landscaping
  • adding the homey touches to the apartment and
VWALLA! We have a home.

I have a new found respect for military spouses (and single parents) who move their entire family and home alone. I'm exhausted and I had my lovely husband doing part of the work.

This is our 4th apartment now and our 1st two bedroom! I've learned a few things now about the moving process so to share:
  • office buildings are the best place to get moving boxes from- no yucky food stuck to boxes and usually quality as they were made for heavy equipment.
  • liquor stores are the best place to get boxes for fragile things like vases and drinking glasses (boxes come with handy little dividers)
  • A system makes packing and unpacking so much easier. I color coded all our boxes into room categories with stickers from the dollar store. It was a breeze to unload the boxes into the right space. I also numbered each box and wrote the accompanying items next to the numbers in a separate notebook.
  • Ask for deals! When we applied to change our address we got a moving packet full of coupons from local business. Budget had a coupon for 15% off moving truck rentals. It was still more expensive than the U-Haul price so we called U-Haul and told them about the deal and they gave us one as well!
  • Have fun. ha ha! just kidding. Although carving out spaces in new places really is a fun adventure.


Gretchen said...

i think that you are simply wonderful and simply organized and i am so impressed!!! now are you ready to make me some chocolate mousse? is that how you spell it?

Mrs. Olsen said...

Dallas and Jenny - Welcome back to Utah. I am expecting to see posts of your all-naturaule home birth over the next year or so....just a thought.

Jenny said...

Ha ha ha! That's awesome Amber!