Monday, June 16, 2008

Good Food Moment: Belgian Chocolate

If there is one thing I have a huge weakness for it is fine chocolate.
So huge in fact, that it is often enough to tempt me to break (or reevaluate :) the budget in order to get my hands on some.

Note: when one discovers really exceptional chocolate one piece is simply not enough to seize the moment.

Luckily, I married a boy who shares this same weakness. I'm a lucky girl! Hands down, chocolate is easily the biggest and most frequent thing we "splurge" on.

You see, chocolate is good for our relationship. Seriously, it connects us. We have so much fun together discovering new shops, sharing our passion and critique on different varieties, savoring each piece and making an evening out of it. Truly, chocolate has been there for some of our greatest moments and memories.

So, when I discovered this chocolate shop directly outside my hotel in Boise I was extremely excited. Yes, indeed it was definitely a good food moment from the moment I entered the store and saw the beautiful spread of deliciously divine chocolate. Artfully designed and exceptionally tasty- this chocolate is an experience.

I gleefully treated myself to a piece everyday I was in Boise and couldn't help myself from returning home with a nice-sized box to share with Dashing Boy! Really, this chocolate is amazing. Definitely stop by if you are ever in Boise.


Emily said...

I didn't really care for chocolate growing up. And now I sneak chocolate chips from the freezer when nobody is watching. It's delightful!

gretchen lund said...