Monday, June 16, 2008


I've been absent from blogging this past week due to an unexpected trip to Boise, Idaho. Woohoo! Dashing Boy was out of town on his first official business trip to exotic Logan of all places, and when I went in to work on Monday, Molly (the mom of the family I nanny for) asked me if I would like to bring Belle and join her for her business trip to Boise. I was super excited to forgo spending the week alone to spending it with the girls!

Boise is a cool place. Dashing Boy's' cousin Cherie lives there with her husband Jon and daughter Natalie so we had a wonderful time getting together and exploring the town with the little girls. Cherie and I had chatted briefly at family gatherings before but it was so nice to be able to take advantage of the opportunity to get to know each other better. We had a great time eating lunch and visiting the zoo and taking tons of pictures. Cherie was so warm and gracious and Natalie was adorable. It made me feel so grateful for family. In normal life I never would have the opportunity to meet and develop a friendship with Cherie but through marrying Dashing Boy - I do. That is really amazing. I love how family grows with marriage.

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