Saturday, April 23, 2011

9 months!

Well my oh my. Becoming a mommy has certainly made me less on top of blogging.

At 9 months Koala has two teeth! He loves to "play" with Legos, loves to be pushed on his little car or in laundry baskets, loves food- real people food, not mushed! Loves touch and feel storybooks, and he loves his mama.

Koala went through some serious separation anxiety there for a little while and would cry even when I would set him down for 2 minutes so I could use the bathroom, with the door open and him sitting right there with me in sight. Ahhhh, it was crazy but a really cute and special time. I feel really blessed to be needed by this little boy. It's the most amazing experience of my life.

Of course lil' Koala loves his daddy crazy too. Daddy built a computer this month and Koala was so excited about it, playing with the keyboard and whatever parts he could get at!

At 9 months, pulling himself up was by far his favorite activity to do. He'd army crawl over to us and reach for our hands, and we would hold them steady so he could pull himself up. He wanted to do this probably 50 times a day!

I think it's adorable how he pulls himself up to his table and goes on his tippy toes when he wants to reach something!

Happy 9 Months little Koala!

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Brittany said...

Oh man! He is the cutest little guy! He sounds a lot like Owen with the army crawling and standing up. Owen went pretty much straight from the army crawling to walking because he felt like real crawling was nonsense. He just wanted to be on his feet. Seems like Koala might be the same. We'll be in town in July and I can't wait to see him then!