Friday, January 14, 2011

7 months!

Koala is seven months! We are having so much fun with him and love him so much!

Playing out in the snow was an event. Full of laughter over how hilariously cute he looked 3x his normal size in his snow clothes. Look at his cute little snow angel!

Man, this little boy holds the key to my heart. So strapping!

Koala has developed so much over the last month! He loves sitting and playing and rolling over and crawling a bit and flinging himself around this way and that. He has very good balance. He can even sit on a ledge for quite some time (like the seat to our exercise bike) with no support (except of course for me spotting him). I think it's pretty cute.

He is exploring everything now. Anything left on the floor is fair game. It is a very fun stage.

Christmas was so much fun with him. Dashing Boy and I were like two little kids again! Koala could sense our excitement so he was very excited too.

I kind of felt like a slightly clueless mom though because two weeks or so before Christmas I knew he was ready to experience more "advanced" toys but I thought we could wait until Christmas morning as they were nicely wrapped under the tree.

Well, boy was he ready! Koala was in pure bliss playing with all his new things! Stacking rings! A musical learning table! A singing kangaroo shape sorter and a jack in the box from his two sets of grandparents! And a lift the flap color spectrum quilt by mom! It was all too much to handle!

In fact, little Koala refused to go to bed Christmas evening. We tried for a solid two hours. Then finally Dashing Boy and looked at each other in defeat, brought koala back downstairs and he was as happy as ever for another hour playing with all of his toys. So of course we got out the video camera and filmed our gleeful boy, saying to him in silly voices, "Koala, I'm the mama and I am in charge, ok?"

Koala is not at all interested in solid food right now, although we offer it to him most nights. He is very dramatic and hilarious with the faces he pulls. Even when we offer him such treats as apple sauce or pears. Those pears are good! I would happily eat them all up but not Koala! Oh well!

He loves story time, his most definite favorite book of all being Tails. He loves this book and all the interaction in it. We probably read it multiple times a day!

I am so happy to be Koala's mom. It's the best thing I've ever done.

We love you sweet boy!


Brittany said...

He is so darling! I'm glad we got to see you while we were in town even though it was just for one night. When we come home in the summer, we'll for sure make a trip out to your house. I would love to see Koala and Owen play together! BTW... loving your salad blog!

Gigi said...

i love little koala. he is the cutest baby on the planet!!!!

Jennifer said...

Your little koala makes me smile!

Anonymous said...

Couldnt agree more with that, very attractive article

Cristie said...

So cute Jenny!