Monday, December 13, 2010

6 Months!

6 months! My goodness! What a happy 1/2 year! I can't believe I have a 6-month-old. He lights up my world.

Finally, I have a little blog nickname for him. I was waiting for something to fit for him (aside from the usual- honeybunches, little one, sweetie pie, variations using his name, etc.)


Henceforth he will be referred to as: Koala!

Why? you ask. Because pretty much he would love to be like this for most of the day:

He loves to hang on us and hang with us. I have absolutely no complaints about this. I dreamed of having a snugly baby.

Koala has been very busy this month rolling and rolling and rolling across the room! It is crazy to lay him down, turn around and 5 seconds later look back and see him in a whole new area of the room!

He likes to lay on his back and push his bum up in the air.

Also, he can sit all by himself now only toppling over when he reaches for a toy or something a little far away. I think the toppling over is adorable.

But his favorite thing to do (in any position he can!) is to hold on to his feet. He is especially entertained when he tries to take his socks off. Mom and Dad are especially entertained when he grabs his feet as we carry him to the tub for bath time and he tries to suck on his big toe like it is his thumb!

I love that little face he's making. He bites down on his lower lip all the time and I think it is very cute. You know when you hang out with someone a lot and start to develop similar tendencies? Well sometimes I find myself biting down my lower lip just like Koala!

Christmas has taken on a new excitement with Koala in the family. We had so much fun getting our tree and stringing the lights. We hung the most fun baby-friendly ornaments in easy reach. Koala loves to lay under the tree and grab them!

I love these little jammies. I believe they were his Aunt Athena's when she was a baby.

Look at the adorable bum:

Koala is very friendly and loves to babble and show off his smile for people. He raises his eyebrows all the time and gives the biggest smiles that make you feel so special. Trips to costco and such take quite the chunk of time as 1. I am always a bit unorganized and 2. Koala captures the attention of many with his friendly grins!

We love you sweet boy! Everyday I thank God for the blessing of being your mother!


Gigi said...

he is the cutest baby on the planet!!! i love him so much! he lights up my world too! thanks for bringing koala to our family! these holidays will be indeed more jolly!

Emma said...

thanks for sharing your photos - he is really really cute. I have another 3months til I get to meet mine and I absolutely can't wait!

Annie said...

Oh he is so cute in that red onesie!

candace said...

yay for Koala! he is so cute. When do I get to take pictures of your cute family??

Casey and Candi Despain said...

HOW SWEET! He is absolutely perfect, and I couldn't agree more with you about how these little miracles light up our world! We are very fortunate.

Brittany said...

I love him and can't wait to see him on Thursday night! What a darling little guy you've got there!

Anonymous said...

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