Monday, May 17, 2010


I think it's safe to say that my mind is very very very one-track right now. Truly, it could still be weeks away, but Dashing Boy and I are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our baby and upcoming parenthood.

I used to look at pregnant women and couples as they were approaching their birthing times and think to myself, "Wow, their life is going to change so much." I would think about silly things like how currently their life was very mobile. Like how she could get in and out of the car quickly and run errands, go to movies, etc. But within a day or a week or so that would instantly change.

Last week Dashing Boy said he wanted to go to a movie in the movie theater. I guess we sort of figure that in the beginning that won't be such an easy thing to do as parents. We saw Dragons in 3d. It was pretty cool, definitely.

But I kind of thought what was even cooler was how giddy we were to be going to a movie together before we become parents. That thought made going to the movies even more exciting. And as we were watching the movie and I turned to my Dashing Boy staring at the screen in his 3d glasses I was overcome with love for this man (wonderfully nerdy sometimes) who is going to be the greatest father.

Don't we look like we could be/are dorky parents in those glasses? I think so, and I think that is very exciting.

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Nelson and Katie Arave! said...

oh jenny i remember our "last movie" in the movie theater!! i can't wait for you two to meet your little guy face to face! believe me, it is the best feeling ever!