Monday, May 31, 2010

B is for Birth Day.

(beyond awesome alphabet letter cards made by the extremely talented Candace for a sweet dinner she and her family hosted for me and my family! I very much think she should open a shop!)

My mom just told me I need to write another blog post. And if there is one thing I know, it is that it is wise and good to listen to your mother.

I have been talking a lot to my baby recently.

You see, tomorrow is my birthday and I've been asking my baby when he wants his birthday to be.

I of course let him know that any day he chooses is perfect. But I've been reminding him that if he wants a May birthday there are only so many days left. With a May birthday you can bring cupcakes to school on your actual birthday, I tell him.

And then I wonder to myself, will I be 25 or 26 when I have my baby?

I am pretty sure he is listening to me. Both in my womb and heaven above. Because, you know, it is wise and good to listen to your mother.

Yes. He is listening. Listening and taking it all in, and then listening some more. Day after day until the month of May is nearly over and his momma will be 26.

Because beautifully for him, he gets to carve his own path and make his own choices. Beginning with the day of his Birthday.

And so sweet baby, I will tell you, there are great things about being born in the month of June too. Like how it is nicely tucked in the middle of the year. And how the sun comes out even more, shining its happy rays with breezy touches.

I know this June in particular will be very very special.


Cristie said...

"B" is for beautiful. You will be a beautiful mother in May or June. Good luck to you in the next few days, much love.

Larn said...

you need to send me your cell phone number again. i have a new phone, again. i want to call you tomorrow and wish you happy birthday.
i love youuuuuuu

candace said...

happy birthday Jenny!! and we were SO delighted to throw you our own private party! We can't wait to meet dashing boy jr!

Maren said...

Happy birthday to you and soon to the babe. June it is!

Cami Jo said...

June is a great month for a birthday! All the amazing people have birthdays in June ( like me ;-) ) and now your little one!

Sarah said...

Such a sweet and tender blogpost!And your birthdays are only 3 days apart! So much to celebrate! Happy birthday!