Saturday, April 10, 2010

Vanilla Macarons with Vanilla Bean Buttercream

This months Mactweets Challenge: make some macs influenced by any April Holiday.

How exciting! I chose Arbor Day- April 30th with one idea in mind- vanilla vanilla vanilla!

From wikipedia: Vanilla grows as a vine, climbing up an existing tree.

How wonderful is that?

I made the vanilla macs with vanilla powder- my first time cooking with it. After experimenting with it a bit two teaspoons seemed to provide the nicest vanilla flavor to the macs!

To finish off the vanilla theme: vanilla bean Italian meringue buttercream!

I experimented with Bonnie and Cristie's advice from their last Mactweets challenge and used an airbake cookie sheet. None of my tops cracked! But I still need to figure out the best temperature to bake them at with my oven.

I kept them their natural color this time, adding white edible shimmer dust to them after they were done baking!

So Happy Arbor Day! Flavor-wise these are my favorite macs I've made yet. I think I'll have to make these again on the real holiday!


Heidi said...

Those look so good! I've been craving something good and vanilla-y recently. Pioneer Woman had a post up for vanilla bean scones and now you with the Macarons......I'm taking the hint!

Bonnie said...

Jenny, Do you like the vanilla powder better than vanilla extract? Your macs are beautiful in their simplicity. I am not going to get mine done this time I'm afraid. Yours look wonderful.

Jamie said...

I've never used vanilla powder but I plan on whipping vanilla sugar into the meringue next time. I'll bet they are delicious. These macs are beautiful, very ethereal all dressed in white. Just beautiful! So glad you are baking along with us at Mactweets!

SoupAddict said...

I love the shimmer dust effect - looks like Mother of Pearl!

Candace said...

These look totally like the real thing, Jenny! good job!

Cristie said...

I love your mac's. They look perfect. The shape is just what we all hope for, and I'm so happy that you had no cracks. So interesting that you added the dust after they baked. Endless learning with these mac's!

Deeba PAB said...

I love the simplicity and elegance of vanilla, and vanilla bean powder is really new to me. These are gorgeous macarons... very nice indeed!
Thanks for joining Jamie & me at MacTweets. It's wonderful to have you there!!

marv woodhouse said...

These are so elegant. I can picture Audrey Hepburn eating them for breakfast!