Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dream Vacation

Dashing Boy and I are visiting our old abode this week. I asked Dashing Boy if it is a little stressful having me join him on the trip because instead of coming back to the hotel and resting after work, I have all sorts of social things and such lined up for us.

It is wonderful to have friendships that are still maintained and cared for even when distance becomes part of the equation.

And so I went with Belle's mom to pick her up from preschool today. And she ran out to greet us with the sweetest shy expression. She was shy with me for five minutes and then she was full of crazy energy all afternoon, so excited to talk and show me her life.

Goodness, if I feel this much love as a former nanny I can only imagine the amount of love I will feel as a mother!

It is exciting thinking of this as being our last trip before we have a baby! I get so happy thinking about it.

When we first found out we were pregnant I asked Dashing Boy if there were any big trips or things he wanted to do before our baby arrived. "No, not really at all," he said. I said the same thing back. We couldn't think of a dream vacation (hypothetically of course :)

Because mostly I think that dream vacation in our heads is time at home with our baby and families. And camping trips with our children, and some late night cuddles on the couch.

I am sure that it will evolve a bit, perhaps to a chocolate tour of Europe or something :) but for now I'm grateful to take a short little trip to Montana then head back home to our dream vacation.


Cristie said...

Enjoy your trip and being with all your friends! It will never be the same again once the wee one arrives :)

Gigi said...

i am so glad that you are VISITING montana, and that home is back with us! 7 more weeks! woo hoo! i love you!