Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Signs of Spring.

I always know the seasons are changing from fall to winter and winter to spring when I can either 1:break out the puffy down coat or 2: break out the chacos/crocs.

Man I love my crocs. They are the perfect spring/summer shoe. They can get all kinds of messy and then you just hose them off.

I got that first persimmon pair a few years ago so I could wear them gardening and such and then I loved them so much I pretty much wore them everyday that summer and the summer thereafter. Now those ones really are exclusively gardening and painting shoes as they are quite worn.

I thought crocs were a bit strange, you know like who really wears them. But I will tell you, get a bright, feminine pair and I promise they will grow on you. (hmmm you'd think I worked for crocs or something but no, they are just happy shoes)

Breaking out the spring shoes makes me feel like singing Paulo Nutini's New Shoes and dancing all around. Like I am light on my feet.

So welcome Spring!

Other signs of this most lovely season:

Cupcake egg pot holder made by Grandma.

Quilted carrot table topper made by Grandma.

Spring bulbs!


Heidi said...

You've sold me on those crocs! I have the standard type of croc that I wear all the time, but I love the feminine look of those.

Gigi said...

have i seen those crocs?