Monday, February 01, 2010

Velvet Crash

(Crushed Velvet Boots by Burton)

On Saturday morning Dashing Boy went snowboarding.

And I went (well, was going) to go see a silly girly movie with mom.

Dashing Boy is so hot on his snowboard and skis. He is so natural. I love to watch him. He's been doing it since he was four.

He can really exude "cool" pretty effortlessly in this environment. (While I mostly look pretty dorky). Dashing Boy can even exude cool in his new pink velvet boots (a la steepandcheap) that I have been making fun of all week. He pulled them out of the box and I started laughing- the velvet, the kiss- they are pretty funny looking don't you think?

But Dashing Boy said they got excellent reviews, and he is one that most definitely cares much more about function over image. And sure enough, he put those things on with his snowboarding gear- and cool. That's just what he was.

These new boots were quite magical for Dashing Boy. They felt really solid and nice, he said. And so he was having a grand ol' time in them and his confidence was running high.

And then Dashing Boy went over a roller. This is how he tells it: He went on the roller, flew way higher and longer in the air than he anticipated and freaked out midair and sat down.

He landed very hard on his bum.

very hard.

He laid in the snow with his back killing him, wheezing, unable to get his breath. His family found him a bit later. Ski patrol arrived. And he was placed on a board and taken off the mountain.

I found out about it when Dashing Boy was still in the snow. I was frantically calling his family to find out how he was doing. He could move everything, they said, but he was shaking, couldn't breath very well, and hadn't moved much on the board for 45 minutes.

In a situation such as this, the best protocol when there is a possible back injury is to not risk it. Everyone agreed it was most wise to send Dashing Boy down the canyon on the board. Which meant he would have to go in an ambulance.

I waited at the base of the canyon, nervous as could be and wishing I could just be with him so bad.

So I parked the car in the most strategic position possible for quick exit and as soon as that ambulance came out of the canyon I was following it, not going to let it out of my sight.

And then I followed the wrong ambulance to the wrong hospital.

Finally, I made it to the correct one, found Dashing Boy and breathed a sigh of relief. His breathing was getting better, he could move his toes, kiss, and smile and joke like usual.

An x-ray and a good four hours later and we could go home. Both of us feeling so grateful, happy and relieved.

Dashing Boy's back bruised and worse for the wear, body stiff, but still looking pretty cool in the remainders of his snow get-up.

Now we just need to go retrieve those boots.


Nell said...

oh i'm glad he's ok..... i love the little kiss mark on the heel of those boots..... ha ha!

Cristie said...

What a relief that he is going to be fine- how scary!

Mrs. Olsen said...

Oh no! Those boots are bad luck. Tell DB sorry and I hope his ass gets better! ;)

ACH said...

Oh my goodness! I'm so glad everyone's safe at home now.

Gigi said...

i love you dashing boy!