Thursday, February 04, 2010

Laughter Makes the Day.

Every day Dashing Boy and I spend a good amount of time laughing our heads off together.

I love it.

I have a bit of a lame sense of humor. Like yesterday Dashing Boy was reading something and he said "nevaw" instead of "never" on accident. And the other day while reading something he read "We are a step-TEE-ahm," when it really said "We are a stepteam." (He had just been speaking Spanish earlier so perhaps that is why?)

Anyway things like that make me laugh and laugh. I am giggling away even as I type this. Silly Jenny, and her lame sense of humor.

Laughter is a tried and true mechanism that Dashing Boy experiences in lots of situations. He just can't help it. I have seen it happen many, many times in both appropriate and awkward situations.

Always I end up in laughter too, especially as his laughs become increasingly higher pitched and uncontrollable. (also when he's tired- those are the jackpot laughs).

Pregnancy has provided no shortage of these moments.

Like: a few random emotional moments for me. These include tears over mostly nothing. While I am crying, Dashing Boy is laughing. He is still trying to be sensitive with me, but the laughter is what overwhelmingly comes out. Then I am cry-laughing.

The other day when I left for my pregnant women water aerobics class he started laughing as I was heading out the door. "Why are you laughing at me?" I asked him.

"I just think it's fun to imagine you at water aerobics with a bunch of other pregnant women!" he said. It is pretty funny- that class.

One day I was in the bathroom looking at my changing stomach excitedly chatting away to him and pointing out some new developments-- and his facial expression looked a bit horrified (Dashing Boy says "baffled")- shock at how much my stomach had grown in a short amount of time. And then we were both laughing so hard and I was telling him that he better hide his bewildered facial expressions during birth because then it might not be funny.

It's good to laugh with each other.

I think I could use even more laughter everyday, so I've started writing down funny quotes from Dashing Boy and things that have happened.

I look at it often and laugh and laugh.

And so if anyone has lame humor like me here is a recent one for you to laugh at today (provided with Dashing Boy's approval):

Dinner prayer offered by a very hungry Dashing Boy

Dashing Boy: (begins prayer) "In the name of ..."

Me: (laughter bursting out but trying very hard to hold it in and be reverent).

Hungry Boy: (does not think it is funny) "oh never mind."

We have been laughing about this one for days now.


Cristie said...

Oh I didn't know you were in a water aerobics class at all! Very fun! Did the experience with us sway you at all?

Brooke said...

ha ha this made me laugh for so many different reasons- the prayer- the class. Oh my I should laugh at my fellow women attending a water aerobics class- I may secretly want to join them one day.