Friday, January 08, 2010

You Got it Dude!

Lately I'm finding myself thinking about time in ways that bring me back to my childhood.

Because if I think about it in terms of hours, days, weeks, and months things feel far away.

A lot of it, I think has to do with my pregnancy. I can't wait to reach certain milestones.

So I've been thinking about time in terms of actual events going on in my life, that sound shorter when grouped in such a way.

For example: when I was a child if we were going to do something fun that day but it was still an hour and a half away, it sounded a lot more manageable if I thought of it in terms of three episodes-of-Full-House away.

It is not that I am waiting for time to pass me by, I'm just excited, and sometimes nervous and all sorts of things and this method helps me feel a little more solid.

Thanksgiving and Christmas were wonderful for this. Time flew by very quickly with the holidays. And before I knew it I was into my second trimester and starting to feel the baby move. Something that in the beginning seemed so far away, and that I was so excited for but couldn't quite hold on to yet.

I am now in my next little time phase event- this babysitting gig- 9 days worth of time. It's been lots of fun and lots of work. Now we have fun weekend activities coming up.

And then, in a few days we will be back in our home and then we get to see our baby at the 20 week ultrasound!

And then, well this is very exciting- American Idol starts! woooohooooo! I gleefully looked forward to American Idol night every week last year! (my family goes crazy with wonderful parties every week).

so on and so on.

It's silly. But it's fun.

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