Wednesday, January 06, 2010


This week Dashing Boy and I are watching a family of four children.

It is being quite the adventure.

It's fun and also hilarious to see how we each handle different situations.

Each day I feel a few success! moments (like during and after helping the children with homework and watching them learn, or successfully making nice dinners for everyone, or having a good conversation with one of them) and also each day I feel a few fail! ones too (Like realizing that one "parenting technique" might work really well for one child but not at all with another.)

Just now I had a fail. But it's kind of funny so perhaps it's a success in its own way.

This morning I was trying to be a dutiful wife, so as Dashing Boy was heading out the door I gave him some homemade fettucini sauce leftovers so he wouldn't have to worry about lunch today.

The little toddler has been LOVING this sauce for lunch so I scooped a bit out for her too.

At lunch I got the little girl's noodles all ready and began to feed her. She excitedly ate the first bite, knowing what to expect. Then, she reluctantly ate two more. After bite four she began to cry.

So I talked in a sweet baby voice encouraging her to eat more (I mean she devoured this stuff the other day!) She shook her head, moaning, then gave me an expression that broke my heart. So I fed her some of that delicious baby yogurt instead.

I was very perplexed as to why she so didn't like her noodles today.

Dashing Boy just called to tell me not to give the sauce to the little girl. "It isn't alfredo sauce," he said. "It's frosting."

Which doesn't sound all that bad. But it must not have been great because Dashing Boy was at home, rinsing off his noodles.

Which made me laugh even harder.

Meal= Fail. Dutiful wife success= Fail. Good laugh with myself and also with husband= Success!

I'll take it.


Randi said...

I don't really consider that a fail but a funny accident. I can imagine much worse!

Gigi said...

you probably would have kept on eating it when you were a baby girl!

Cristie said...

What a funny story. I think I would have kept eating it for certain if it were your Italian butter cream!