Friday, December 11, 2009

Thank you Hallmark.

Do you want to know one of my favorite parts about the holiday season?

Well any season actually, but especially the holidays?

Cheesy movies. Hallmark especially. Made-for-tv-movies, those ones are the best.

Yesterday mom and I were at the store and she picked up Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's, To Grandmothers House We Go, circa 1992. "Remember this? she said You and Juju loved this movie."

Oh yes we did. LOVED it.

Later on in the afternoon I got a call from my cousin K. "We're having a Hallmark party tonight!" Juju has been diligently recording all the holiday movies on the Hallmark channel and she had found a particularly good one, Mrs. Miracle.

My favorite part about watching these movies is watching K and Juju watch them. It's wonderful. K smiles and smiles during the cheesiest parts of all and makes exclamations such as, "I love her! I love this movie! Ahhhh...!" and Juju gets the giggles during certain scenes and rewinds them to watch over again.

It makes the holidays so fun.

Anyone else a fan of the made-for-tv cheese?


ACH said...

My family loves these movies! Some of my best memories involve snuggling up in the living room with some simple-but-yummy dinner (think split pea soup or grilled cheese). My father is a big softy, so he always gets a little teary and the sad parts (or the really happy parts), so my sister, mother and I take turns holding his hand. It doesn't really feel like the holidays without a little Hallmark!

Cristie said...

I got to watch a movie this week with my second daughter, it was so nice! I loved it. It was a new movie, but one we've been waiting to come out Julie and Juila- it was GREAT to watch together.